• Teen Bible Study Guide for Leaders

The Bible Study Guide is an exciting new resource intended to help students better grasp the meaning of the text through a series of fact and thought questions on each block. Each block is broken down into 4 lessons. This Leader version of the Workbook contains both questions and answers. Note: The questions and answers in the Workbook are NOT competition style questions or verse-by-verse study questions, but are fact and discussion questions designed to give the student an overview of the material and a better understanding of the text. The Student version of the workbook is included in the Coach-Pro software.

The Workbook is ideal for:

  • Personal and/or family devotion time
  • Small group Bible study
  • Homework for students to give them an overview of the material before Bible Bowl practice
  • Homeschool Bible curriculum
  • Leader Workbook Sample
Note: This item is only available in spiral format

Teen Bible Study Guide for Leaders

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